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Here’s a simple statistic for you, 23% of families in America do not speak English within their homes. That’s nearly one out of every four families. In the past, the four “gateway” states of California, Texas, New York and Florida were where most of the non-English speaking families lived. This has changed. Now, every state has become multilingual. You personally may not see this in your community, but ask a school teacher, or a medical worker, and they’ll let you know just how many languages they need to deal with on a daily basis.

America has always been a melting pot of languages and cultures. Today, more than ever, our next door neighbors may be newcomers to our country, neighbors who are still learning English.

Group of People
As these families are settling in to their new homes, wouldn’t it be great if we could also offer them a new church home. Has God lead them to your community so you can share the Gospel with them, and they in turn with their friends and families living in their former country?

The Mark 16:15 opportunity is right in front of us. The challenge as a church family is making your place of worship a welcoming home for these new families. Would you go to a church if you couldn’t understand what anyone is saying, or if no one could speak to you?

As part of our Mark 16:15 mission, we at Church Captioning have created software that automatically translates anything being said – your services, your small group discussions, the “hola” that you say in the church lobby. In addition to conversations and sermons, our software also automatically translates your church bulletins, handouts, and even PowerPoint slides that you may use during your services. This is software that you can use anytime and anywhere. And because it is all software-based, the costs are at most 1/100th the amount you’d spend on hiring interpreters.

It’s simple, our goal at Church Captioning is Mark 16:15. Adding a language translation system to your church makes it a welcoming place for your new neighbors. We hope you’ll join our Mark 16:15 team and partner with us as together we spread the Gospel message to others. It’s easy to get started. Just visit www.churchcaptioning.com\/auditorysciences/auditorysciences or call us at 951-381-1234 or send an email to info@churchcaptioning.com\/auditorysciences/auditorysciences and we’ll help you in making your non-English speaking neighbors feel welcome at your church.

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