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How does it work?

Sign up for a Streamer™ account here on this website, and we will then create your own custom captioning website that you, your friends, coworkers, etc. will share. During conversations or meetings you’ll log into that website to generate the captions. Start with a single caption Room. If you end up needing to caption multiple separate conversations and/or meetings that are occurring at the same time (such as supporting a corporate wide-deployment), you can always add more Streamer rooms to your website at any time

Is it free to try?

Yes, the 30-day trial is completely free, no credit card required. This is a complete unlimited use system with no restrictions. Just click on the Get Started buttons to sign up. After your trial is complete you can choose to continue using Streamer™ by paying a small subscription fee that goes towards funding our goal of letting everyone communicate with anyone at any time anywhere in the world.

Is Streamer Secure?

Yes, unlike captioning products from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, with Streamer™ all your data is yours alone. Auditory Sciences does not make any recordings of your conversations, we never have, we never will. The software was initially developed in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps and Office of Naval Research to support overseas military operations and then to support the Wounded Warriors program. As such, security and privacy have been built into the system from the beginning. All data is fully encrypted in all directions, and you alone control all access and usage settings for Streamer™ rooms.

Can Streamer AutoClear Transcripts?

Yes, one of Streamer’s many security and privacy features is the included Autoclear feature. Transcripts can be set to clear at a set time of day (e.g., at 1AM), a set time interval (e.g., every hour), after each sentence is spoken (similar to captioning on a TV), or when the last person leaves your Streamer™ room.

Are User Accounts Really Free?

Yes, create as many accounts as you want and use them as often as you like. They’re all free.

Can I Share My Subscription with Others?

Yes, please do. You are encouraged to share your subscription with as many people as you want – friends, co-workers, anyone and everyone without any limitations.

Is It Really Unlimited Use?

Yes, there are no per-usage fees or per-minute caps. Use Streamer to caption and/or translate your conversations and meetings anytime, anywhere, without any limitations.

What Platforms Does Streamer Run On?

Pretty much everything including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Because it’s web-based, your account works the same on every device and automatically scales to meet your needs. Use a laptop at work, a phone when you’re on the go, and share your subscription with as many other people as you want. There are no limits.

Can I Insert Notes Into the Transcript?

Yes, with the Pro Edition you get the PhraseBuilder™ features which make it easy to quickly insert notes into the live captioning. As examples, you can notate an important part of a meeting, or add yourself a reminder to do a task. These are private and personal notes, that only you can see and that will only be included in your personal printed version of the transcript.

Can Streamer Speak for Me?

Yes, if you are non-verbal you can use the Pro Edition’s PhraseBuilder™ feature to quickly generate phrases that are spoken aloud in a personalized voice. These can be pre-configured phrases where you just double-click and they’re spoken aloud, a modifier phrase where you quickly add a word such as I would like to buy some ____, and/or you can enter completely new phrases by typing or writing.

Can I User Streamer with PowerPoint?

Yes, the Pro Edition includes Overlay, which lets you superimpose the transcription on top of any other application including PowerPoint, Skype and Videos.

Do I Need a Seperate Subscription for Each Person?

No, you can share your subscription with as many people as you want. You only need multiple subscriptions if you are captioning and/or translating multiple separate conversations at the same time.

Is the Captioning Punctuated?

Yes, everything said is instantly captioned, displayed and fully punctuated. Instead of a run-on list of words or chopped up sentence fragments, Streamer™ displays fully punctuated and formatted paragraphs that include the name of each person speaking.

What’s the Difference Between Personal and Shared User Accounts?

A Personal Account is one set up for a single person, whereas Shared accounts are ones that multiple can use at the same time. Shared accounts are a great way to caption events where multiple people would like to view the captioning.

Can Streamer be Used by People Calling Me?

Yes, guests can log in from any location. It’s easy to caption and/or translate phone calls, even teleconference meetings where multiple people are participating.

Can Streamer be Used for Overseas Calls?

Absolutely, even if multiple languages are being spoken. Streamer™ captions and translates whatever anyone is saying, no matter where they are located. You just need an Internet connection, and you’re all set.

How Does Language Translation Work?

Streamer completely removes language barriers. This is complete multi-language translation. You can also set up shared accounts for languages you need: one for Spanish, another for Vietnamese, and third for Russian, as many as you want, every language is included with the Pro Edition. Each guest logs in using the account that supports their language, and now whatever anyone says or types in any language, is instantly translated, displayed, and if you want, spoken aloud.

Can Everyone Save Transcripts of the Conversations?

You alone control your access and privacy settings. You can give permission for others to download transcripts, and remove that permission at any time. Each transcript is fully punctuated complete paragraphs, that include the name of the person speaking.

How much does Streamer cost?

You can purchase a monthly, yearly, or permanent subscription. Browse our Pricing Page to learn more about your options. And thanks for being part of our team in making sure that everyone can communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time.

Are There Video Tutorials?

Yes, for help getting started and to learn about the many advanced features included in Streamer™, go to the Tutorial Page.

What Comes with My Subscription?

A private, secure, encrypted, unlimited use Streamer™ room for captioning and translating your conversations and meetings; an Admin account to manage your access and privacy settings; and an unlimited number of User Accounts. See the Pricing Page for details on all the features.

How Do I Get to the User Manual?

Click on the question mark “?” in the upper right corner of the interface.