Dual Microphone Kit


The Dual system allows two microphones to be connected to your system at the same time.

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Use this system in situations where multiple people may be speaking. This dual-channel high-fidelity Wireless FM system comes with your choice of any combination of three microphones: a headset (Z.HS), a handheld (Z.DUAL.HH), and a lapel (Z.LA) microphone. Most customers select two lapel mics and one handheld, but the choice is yours.  The system includes both a belt-worn transmitter (Z.DUAL.TR) for your headset and lapel microphone options, plus a wireless handheld microphone with a built-in on/off switch and transmitter (item Z.DUAL.HH). Both transmitters can be simultaneously connected to your Interact system. Also included is a dual-channel receiver (item Z.DUAL.RE) with built-in digitizer, audio output port (used to connect an ear-bud, hearing aid, or Cochlear Implant to the microphone), and rechargeable battery; plus four complete sets of rechargeable batteries that you will use to power the microphones (4 of item Z.MIC.BA). Also included is the recharging system for the batteries (item Z.DUAL.BR); a carrying case with beltloop (item Z.DUAL.CASE); and all required cables and connectors (items Z.DUAL.USB, Z.DUAL.IOS and Z.DUAL.AC). Additional microphones, either the handheld (Z.HH), headset (Z.BN), or lapel (Z.LA) versions, can be ordered at a cost of $99 each. And a bracket to attach your receiver to your Smartphone (Z.SMART) is available for $29.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in


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