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Streamer™ is your own personal secure website that captions and translates whatever is being said, anywhere and anytime. It is a complete communication system. You can add notes to your transcripts, share documents, send private messages, and even simultaneously translate your conversations into multiple languages. To create your Streamer website and to start your free 30-day trial, simply fill in the form below. The trial is completely free.

Here's What's Included in Your Website

Your website includes your first Streamer™ room that you’ll use to caption and translate conversations (you can add additional rooms at any time), a Streamer Admin account you’ll use to manage access and permissions for your room(s), an unlimited number of Streamer user accounts (that way you can share your website with others), and unlimited tech support. Having your own personal captioning and translation website may sound complicated, but actually it’s really easy to use Streamer™. Plus, if you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

Unlimited Use

It’s your website, you own it. Use it as often as you like and share it with as many people as you want. You get an unlimited number of User Accounts and an unlimited number of minutes.

Private and Secure

You alone control all access and permissions for your website. Unlike Microsoft, Amazon and others, all data is fully encrypted, and we cannot access your data or use it in any way. We never monitor or sell your data to anyone, ever. Never have, never will. Streamer™ is fully compliant with Data Privacy Requirements including FIPS 140-2 and COPPA laws. To view the complete privacy policy, click here.


Your trial is completely free. To continue using your website after the trial we do charge a small subscription fee of about $9/month. This is the cost for your website, not a cost per user. You can share your website with as many people as you want. Your subscription helps us continue to meet our goal of removing communication barriers throughout the world. Thanks for being part of the team in making that happen.

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Streamer Features

Your Streamer™ website comes standard with numerous features, and with your suggestions we are continually adding new ones. The following feature list may seem intimidating, but Streamer is easy to use. Start with a single Streamer room and add more when needed. Whatever your situation, from a one-to-one personal conversation, to a complete communication system for a global corporation, Streamer’s got you covered.

Captioning – It all starts here

  • Two-Way Contextual Accuracy–  Streamer uses both forward and reverse looking contextual mapping. Previously spoken words are used to identify the proper spelling of new words, such as to versus too or two.  And as new words are identified, Streamer also looks at the previously transcribed words to update those entries as well. Such as Right…  becoming the word Write when it’s followed by the words, your name (as in, Write your name).
  • Noise Filtering–  Streamer cuts through background noise to listen to your speech. Use it in noisy situations like a cafeteria, and you’ll still get accurate transcriptions.
  • Continuous Recognition in Complete Paragraphs–  versus separate segmented sentence fragments. This makes the captioning much easier to follow and read.
  • Unlimited Use Captioning in Multiple Languages–  There are no per-minute charges or usage caps that you need to worry about. Use your Streamer website anytime, anywhere, without limits.
  • Simultaneous Captioning of Multiple Speakers–  With Streamer there is no need to take turns talking. Whatever anyone says at any time is captioned.
  • Automatic Speaker Identification –  Streamer can identify who is speaking at any given moment, displaying both their username and a picture of the person.
  • Automated complete punctuation –  This is complete contextual-based deep learning punctuation that is based on a neural net, not a simple rule set.
  • Family Friendly Filters–  Filter out inappropriate language.
  • Unlimited Font Size adjustment–  Set your font size to basically whatever you want, very small to extremely large.
  • Selectable Display Colors–  For example, choose yellow text on a dark blue background.
  • Day / Night Color Layouts–  Streamer includes color layouts optimized for your ambient setting.
  • Attendance List – Steamer shows you a listing of people that are in your captioning room: their name, a picture of them, the language they are using, and their status (e.g., typing a note, actively listening, away from their desk, etc.).

Language Translation – Not just bi-directional translation

  • Complete Multi-lingual Multi-directional Support of Conversations–  Translate conversations from one language into dozens of others. This goes way beyond just simple bi-lingual translation to support complete “United Nations” situations. Anything anyone says in any language is simultaneously translated and spoken aloud to each participant in their native language using a voice tailored to match that of the original speaker.
  • Complete Voice-to-Voice Translation –  Anything said, typed or written is captioned and, if desired, spoken aloud in each person’s preferred language.
  • Personalized Voices–  Your preferred voice is used in all languages. Select a personal voice in English, and that same voice is used when your speech is being translated and spoken aloud in other languages. This makes it much easier for participants in multi-lingual conversations to recognize the voice of who is speaking.
  • Language Identification–  Each User Account displays that person’s preferred language, so you know which participant is speaking which given language.
  • Saved User Accounts–  With Streamer™ you do not have to reset your language(s) each time you use the system.

Note-Taking – More than just a captioning and translation system

  • Add Personal Notes to Your Transcript–  You can quickly add color coded notes directly into the transcript, tagging important sections as the captioning is generated. These are your private notes, they are not part of the transcript that everyone sees. And, because they’re color coded, you can quickly find them in your saved transcripts.
  • Create Note Categories–  Each User Account comes standard with default note categories. You can also create your own categories and customized notes, such as set for At Work and another for At Home.
  • Quick Note Entry–  Just double click on a note and it’s automatically inserted into your transcript. That way you can quickly add the note while you are listening to the conversation. This is your private note, it is not part of the transcript that everyone can see.
  • Editable Notes–  With Streamer’s PhraseBuilder™ feature you can create editable notes. This makes it very easy to quickly modify a note and insert it into your transcript.
  • Type Notes–  And yes, you can also type or write notes to be entered into the transcript.

Speech Generation – Supporting individuals that are non-verbal

  • Streaming Audio–  With most speech generation systems you end up carrying an amplified audio speaker with you, so others can hear the audio. You can do that with Streamer, but Streamer also broadcasts your speech to the other people in your group. Whatever you enter can be spoken aloud on their tablet or smartphone. That way they can always hear you. It’s a simple idea that makes a huge difference if you are ever using speech generation in a noisy situation like a cafeteria, automobile or shopping mall.
  • PhraseBuilder™–  This feature makes it easy for a non-verbal person to use Streamer to quickly say exactly what they want spoken aloud, and to do so in a personalized voice.
  • Custom Phrases–  You can create categories of phrases that you may want to use in given situations, such as At Work  or At Home.
  • Click Phrases–  Click on a pre-configured phrase and it’s instantly spoken aloud. Such as, Hi, my name is Chris and I’m using Streamer to communicate with others. Let me show you how it works.
  • Slot Phrases.Build custom phrases with slots, such as, I would like to buy some _____.  Click on the phrase, enter the modifiers, and it’s spoken aloud. You can have as many slots in your sentences as you want. This is much faster than typing the phrase from scratch, making it easy to quickly say exactly what you want to say.
  • Typed and Written Phrases–  And yes, you can also type or write completely new phrases that will be spoken aloud.

Document and Photo Sharing – Communication is more than talking

  • Drag-N-Drop–  Share documents by just dragging and dropping them into the transcript. When you do that, they are instantly downloaded to everyone in your meeting. Plus, they are part of the transcript, so later you can open the transcript and redownload the document.
  • Sharing Photos–  If you’re using a smartphone, within Streamer you can snap a picture and send it to everyone in your conversation.
  • Choose Your Recipients–  You can send documents and pictures to everyone in the meeting, or you can select the individuals who should receive the item. Just click on their name, and then click send.

Private Messaging – Not everything should be in a transcript

  • Send Private Messages–  You can send private messages at any time to any user or group of users. Just click on their name (in the attendance list), or type it into the command bar, and your message is sent.
  • Reading Private Messages–  Messages are immediately shown to you in your current room, plus they’re also saved in your personal messaging inbox.
  • Message Notification–  You do not need to be actively using your Streamer account to receive messages. You can configure your Streamer account to display any incoming message in a popup screen on your computer (or table or phone) and/or to have a tone play letting you know a message has arrived.
  • Forwarding Messages  –  You can also configure Streamer to forward a message directly to your email inbox or as a text message to your phone. That way you can always reach someone even if they are not currently logged into your Streamer website.

Saving Transcripts – Much more than just saving words

  • Choose Your Format–  You can save transcripts in multiple formats including Google Docs and Word Documents.
  • Choose Your Time Frame–  Save the last hour of transcripts, the last hour, day, week, etc.
  • Choose Where Transcripts are Stored. With Streamer™, you can choose where transcripts are saved, such as separate folders for personal versus business conversations, and/or directly to a Google Docs folder.
  • Auto Summarizer–  Streamer automatically reviews the contents of your transcript, summarizes them into a few short sentences, and inserts this summary into the header of your saved transcripts.
  • Auto Dates and Time Stamps–  Each entry on your transcript is persevered with a date and timestamp, so you can always see when a transcript was created.
  • Named Participants–  Transcripts include the name of the person speaking, so you know who said what (and when).
  • Private Note Insertion–  Notes that you add to your transcript are only seen by you and only included in your saved copy of the transcript.
  • Continuous Auto Save–  Streamer auto saves the transcript every time a new word is added – you’ll never lose any data. If you accidently logout of Streamer, or the batteries on your device lose their charge, or your network goes down; your transcript is always saved.
  • Session Retention–  Transcriptions are preserved in your private Streamer™ room for as long as you want, and cleared when you want them cleared (including using Streamer’s auto-clear function).

Meetings, Presentations, Conferences, Seminars and Webinars

  • Overlay Mode–  The Overlay mode superimposes the captioning on top of another application, such as PowerPoint presentations, Zoom webinars, Slack meetings or Skype phone calls. Use this feature when you want everyone to see the captioning. It displays the name and the picture of the person speaking, along with a captioning of what they’re saying. You can choose the color layout, font size, transparency of the overlay, the size, and the location. It’s all customizable to work just like you want it to work.
  • Individual Mode–  Each person in attendance can view the captioning on their own device (e.g., phone, tablet) in their preferred language, font size and color layout.
  • Presenter User Accounts–  Create accounts for your presenters with extra permissions, such as the ability to invite others into the room and/or to save and clear the transcript.
  • Shared User Accounts–  Create shared guest accounts that multiple people, such as attendees at a conference, will all use to access one of your Streamer rooms. For example, one called Guest-English and another called Guest-Spanish. This makes it very easy for guests to log in and use Streamer to communicate with you – they do not have to download an app, scan a barcode, or register – they just go to the website and log in using a guest account set already set to their desired language.
  • It’s Easy for Others to Join the Conversation–  You can invite up to 100 people to view the captioning (for an additional fee you can increase the size up to 100,000 people). To join in, they just go to your Streamer website using the account you create for them. There’s no need to generate, print, display and have everyone scan a QR code, or have everyone enter an invite code, nor to download apps or send out invitations. They just open the webpage and sign in. That’s all it takes.
  • Room Locks– If you are sharing your Streamer rooms with multiple people, when you enter a room you can lock the door so others cannot enter (unless they “knock”, and then you can decide if you want to let them join your meeting).
  • Document Sharing–  During your presentation you can share documents with attendees by simply dragging and dropping it into the transcript window.
  • Attendee Questions–  At any time during your presentation you turn on or off the ability for guests to ask questions by typing or speaking into their Streamer room. This is especially useful for situations like webinars, where attendees are located in other areas.
  • Auditorium Mode  –  Set your Streamer room so that the captioning is displayed in darker colors. This is used for low-light situations such as a theater production.

User Accounts – Share your website with others

  • Admin Accounts–  With your website we create an Admin account that you can use to manage all your users and permissions. You decide which people can enter your room, if they can view captioning, add to the conversation (versus just viewing it), and/or if they can save transcripts. You can also create additional admin accounts, to give shared privileges to other users.
  • Unlimited Number of User Accounts–  With your Streamer website you can have as many User Accounts as you want, without any additional costs or limitations. Go ahead and share your website with as many people as you want.
  • Each Account Works Everywhere–  With Streamer, you do not have to reset your preferences each time you use the system. Nor do you need to have separate accounts on separate platforms (e.g., desktop, tablet, phone, etc.). All your settings are saved and can be used on any device at any time (even multiple devices at the same time). Create one account, save your preferences, and you can use it anywhere on any device at any time and have the same interface and access.
  • Shared User Accounts–  Create shared guest accounts that multiple people, such as attendees at a conference, will all use to access one of your Streamer rooms. This makes it very easy for guests to log in and use Streamer to communicate with you — they do not have to download an app, scan a QR code. Instead, they just go to the website and log in.
  • Personal User Accounts–  You can also create separate accounts for each individual person. This way you completely control the rooms they can access (and you can remove that access at any time) and their usage permissions within that room.
  • Super User and Normal User Accounts–  You choose each account’s permission settings. For example, can they download transcripts, and/or change their password, and/or add to the captioning (versus just view it).
  • Auto Login–  Create a desktop shortcut that when clicked automatically logs you into your preferred Streamer room along with all your setting and usage preferences.

System Management Tools – we’ve got you covered

  • Anywhere Access–  You can access and manage your website and users from any location at any time. There is no need for a special app or toolset.
  • Usage Monitoring–  Your Lobby shows you all your rooms and which ones are in use.
  • User Locator–  You can instantly tell which accounts are in use, and the rooms where they are using.
  • User Reports–  Use the built-in analytics tools to monitor room usage and to be sent alerts when something needs your attention.
  • User Requests–  Your users can send you direct support requests from within Streamer. No need for a separate email or phone call ticketing system.
  • Broadcast Messaging–  Use a single command to send a message to everyone that has a User Account on your website.
  • Welcome Messaging–  Set a custom welcome message that is displayed to each person when they enter a room.
  • Global Configuration Commands–  In most cases, a single command can be applied across all user accounts and rooms, for example specifying the auto-clear settings for all rooms or the download permissions for all users.
  • Automated Updates–  Because Streamer™ is web-based, you never have to worry about updating software on user platforms to ensure commonality across all deployments. Every time they go to the website, they will be using the latest version of the code. New features are automatically added and security features (there’s always some new threat out there) are immediately implemented. If you’re an IT Manager, this is utopia. There’s never any concern about some user somewhere using an outdated and unsecure version of the code. Take that coffee break and relax. We’ve got you covered.

Private and Secure – built that way from the beginning

  • Secure from the Start–  The Interact-Streamer product line was initially developed in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corp and the Office of Naval Research. As such, data security and privacy has been part of the design from the very first day. It’s baked into all our architecture and code. You alone control all access and usage permissions. You alone allow a user to access your site and your rooms, and you can remove that permission at any time. You set the permissions as to how they can use those rooms, for example can they download and save a transcript. You can lock the door, so no one can jump into your room and see the current conversation, or you can leave it open for a public meeting where all your users can join in. And much more. We take security very seriously. If there is ever a feature you need added to ensure the integrity of your data, let us know and we’ll implement it the right way, right away. And yes, all your data in all directions is fully encrypted with 64-bit algorithms. Even if someone should manage to intercept data packets on routing, all they’ll see is noise. We’ve got you covered.
  • Autoclear–  If you are worried about data retention, here’s a feature you are going to love. You alone decide how long your encrypted transcripts should remain in your room(s). The transcripts can stay forever, or be cleared at a set time of day (e.g., 1am each morning), at a set time interval (e.g., every 10 minutes), or be automatically cleared at the end of your meeting when the last person leaves the room.
  • Smartclear™–  And even more. This feature is like captioning on a television program, where when each new group of words is spoken the previous grouping disappears and is gone forever. With Smartclear, instead of a set number of words you choose a set number of sentences. For example, you can have the captioning disappear with each new sentence that is spoken. It’s all part of the many tools you can use to set your security protocols.

Coming Soon – We’re always adding new features

  • Wristwatch Interface–  Display your captioning and/or translation on your wristwatch.
  • Glasses Display–  Display your captioning and/or translation on your eyeglasses.
  • And More–  We are a customer-driven company. If you have an idea we should add to Streamer, let us know. We’ll get started on it right away.